AC1 Rated Motorized Changeover Switch.

  • Mild Steel Enclosure With Top & Bottom Gland Plate.
  • LED Light Indication for Mains Available, Mains On Load, Generator Available, Generator On Load.
  • Multi Function timers to prevent nuisance starting on minor breaks in the mains.
  • Mains 10 Amp Auxiliary output Supply for battery charger or other.


Most Generator Remote Start Signal require a D.C power source to operate (12 or 24 V D/c), this is usually fed from the generator starting battery. However if this is not possible a alternative power supply can be supplied.

Optional Extras: 

  • Auto Test Facility Key Switch (mains failure simulation testing)
  • 7 Day Programmable Timer
  • Generator off load delay timer.
  • Mains & Generator auxiliary contacts for remote monitoring panels (BMS)
  • Audible Alarm on mains failure.
  • Audible Alarm on generator failure.




MTS panels are used where the local mains supply is backed up by an appropriately rated Generating set, with a 2 wire start facility. The MTS panel monitors the local mains supply and will request the generator to start if this supply should fail. The MTS panel will then control the switching of the load from the local supply to the generator with a adjustable time delay pre set to 30s. On restoration of the local mains supply the MTS panel will monitor the Supply to ensure it is stable and then transfer the load from the generator back to the mains supply also with a adjustable mains restoration timer pre set to 20s. Once this time has elapsed the MTS panel will request the generator to stop.  

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