Generator Sales

Used and New Generator Sales UK

There’s nothing more depressing than a power outage when you’re watching your favourite TV show or meeting client deadlines in your factory.

Blades Power Generation brings you top-of-the-line new generators and used generators for residential and industrial purposes that offer you stellar power backup. New generators, such as the Hyundai HY2000SEi, with 2.2 kilowatt power, can be the right power supply for your home. It’s quiet and compact, and it can be ignited remotely from up to 20 meters away.

Industrial power sources like the 6 Kva Silent Running Diesel Electric Start Generator also contribute to our generator sales. These powerhouses pack enough punch to keep your factory machines ticking, without any risks of short circuits (or damages due to power load) as they’re triggered with manual and automatic controls that effortlessly switch between generator and utility power sources.

Our used generators come with stock changing and constant maintenance facility so that you get your backup without having to compromise on your monthly budget.

Buy new generators UK or used generators for sale UK from Blades Power Generation UK today!

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