Don't Be Left Powerless - New Generators on Sale

A reliable generator brings peace of mind by keeping essential appliances running during a blackout. Key benefits include:

  • Prevent food spoilage - Refrigeration and freezers continue operating to save costly food waste.
  • Maintain security - Security systems, outdoor lighting, and electric gates stay powered.
  • Stop work disruptions - Keep computers, machinery, and appliances online so business can carry on uninterrupted.
  • Safety & communication - Lighting, heating, and internet stay on so households remain safe and comfortable.

Generator Range

As an established market leader, Hyundai offers an extensive range of high-quality generators for domestic and commercial usage in the new generators for sale in the UK.

Single Phase Generators

Ideal for powering UK homes, Hyundai's single-phase generators supply everything needed to run lights, appliances, electric heating, etc. Available models include:

  • DHY9KSEM - Delivers 9kVA of backup power, perfect for large family homes.
  • DHY11KSEM - With 11kVA maximum output, it supports increased demand from outbuildings and electric vehicle charging.
  • DHY18KSEM - For very large properties, this 18kVA model allows you to safely operate multiple high-drain items simultaneously.

Three Phase Generators

Supporting complex distribution boards, three-phase generators suit most business environments including offices, retail stores, restaurants etc. Suitable options include:

  • DHY11KSE - Providing 11kVA at 240/415V, it meets typical small business energy needs.
  • DHY14KSE - With 14kVA capacity, it easily handles medium-sized facilities.
  • DHY22KSE - Offering a substantial 22kVA output, it powers larger premises even at peak loading.

For the largest sites like industrial units, hospitals and data centres, Hyundai's DHY30000SE model generates an incredible 30kVA.

Control Panels & Switchgear

To enable automatic generator control, we also supply purpose-built switchgear and pre-configured control panels. This equipment seamlessly switches supply from the mains to the backup generator when an outage occurs.

Professionally installed by our engineers, this technology optimises generator performance and safely integrates the new power source.

Why Choose Blades?

As an authorised Hyundai dealer, we are factory-trained and adhere to stringent service standards set by the manufacturer.

Other key reasons to choose us include:

Reliable Products - We only supply high-quality, industry-leading generator brands that are rigorously tested for performance and safety.

Expert Support - Our advisors offer specialist assistance to identify ideal generators based on your technical requirements and budget.

Professional Installation - We directly employ experienced engineers across the UK to undertake generator installations.

See our latest generator deals through the online shop for new generators for sale in the UK or speak to an advisor today to future-proof your property with a reliable backup power generator. With flexible payment options and UK nationwide delivery, safeguard your home or business now against potentially devastating power outages.

No Power, No Problem: Why Your Home Needs Automatic Changeover Switches

An automatic changeover switch sometimes called an automatic transfer switch, allows switching between two power sources—usually the utility grid and a backup home generator or solar and battery storage system. It detects when the primary power fails and automatically switches to the backup source so there is no interruption to power. 

Key Benefits

Installing an automatic transfer switch provides these key benefits:

Generator Backup Power Systems

When it comes to home generators, almost all of them need an automatic switching device installed next to the main electrical panel. It's wired into critical circuits so when the power cuts out, the switch tells the generator to turn on while disconnecting your house from the neighborhood electrical lines.

Solar and Battery Backup Systems

Many setups have to shut off when the grid is down to prevent backfeeding. Adding batteries and a switch fixes this - it makes your house rely solely on the sun's energy stored in your batteries. This way you can keep the lights on even if it's nighttime or cloudy.

Selecting the Right Changeover Switch

When selecting a transition switch, these key factors must be considered:

  •      Application (generator/solar) and home Electrical load
  •      Number of amps and voltage rating
  •      Enclosure type
  •      Single-phase or three-phase power
  •      Transition speed
  •      Manual operation capability
  •      Integrated controller vs external

Our experts at Blades Power Generation can determine the optimal switch specifications and capacity based on your unique home backup system and loads.

Proper Installation Guidelines

To function safely and efficiently, automatic changeover switches must be professionally installed following proper electrical codes and procedures. Our licensed electricians recommend these guidelines:

Locate it close to the main panel

  •      Mount securely with adequate clearance
  •      Use appropriate wire size to prevent overload
  •      Follow all manufacturer mounting and wiring instructions
  •      Test operation thoroughly post-installation

Key Wiring Connections

Making the proper electrical connections is critical for automatic transfer switch functionality. Ensure the following circuits are correctly wired according to the installation manual:

  •      Utility Power
  •      Backup Power Source (Generator/Batteries)
  •      Grounding Conductors
  •      Main Electrical Panel
  •      Control Wiring

Call Blades Power Generation to keep your system operating safely for years to come.

  •      Seamless transition to backup power - Prevents lights and appliances from shutting off when transitioning power sources
  •      Safety - Isolates the two power sources to prevent back feed accidents
  •      Convenience – Operation is fully automated for ease of use even for homeowners without electrical expertise

Two main types of home backup power systems use automatic changeover switches:

  1. Generator Systems
  2. Solar/Battery Storage Systems
Comparing New vs Used Generators for Sale in the UK

Potential Cost Savings from Buying Used

The most compelling reason many buyers consider used generators for sale in the UK rather than brand-new models is the lower costs. Some key advantages include:

  • The purchase price can be 50-70% less than new
  • Still, get good output capacity and features for the money
  • Good option if you have a limited budget for the project
  • Used industrial generators still have many reliable operating hours left

Potential Drawbacks of Used Generators

  • Older used generators may be near typical lifespan expectancies if they have seen thousands of operating hours already
  • Past owners may have skipped vital upkeep like oil changes and filter replacements, accelerating wear and tear over time
  • A higher likelihood of inheriting mechanical issues or part failures sooner rather than later
  • More uncertainties around performance versus new models under factory warranty with minimal runtimes

Just be sure to thoroughly inspect condition and maintenance records before purchase.

Tips for Getting Good Value from Used Generators

If you decide purchasing a used generator is the best fit for your needs and budget, here are some tips for getting the best long-term value from that purchase:

  •  Inspect thoroughly - Have both an electrical specialist and diesel mechanic evaluate any used generator to spot existing or upcoming issues with the engine, fuel system, control panel, alternator, etc. Make operation inspections standard practice before finalising a purchase.
  •  Ask for maintenance records - Get full details on the total operating hours, regular maintenance activities performed, past issues and repairs, etc. This helps give you realistic expectations for usable lifespan and operating costs.
  • Purchase from reputable dealers - Buy from trusted generator companies and resellers rather than unknown private parties. This helps avoid poorly maintained equipment or fraudulent condition claims.
  •  Consider certified refurbished - Some dealers fully service and restore used generators with genuine OEM parts and include guarantees on operation. These cost more than other used options but represent enhanced reliability.
  •  Factor in some capital for near-term repairs/replacements - Be realistic that a used generator likely requires at least some mild servicing soon even if no major issues surface initially. Assume you’ll spend a bit on maintenance items like new fuel injectors, alternator refits, electronics calibration, battery replacement etc. within the first couple years of operation. Factor funds for this into your total purchase budget.

Check out our website to buy used generators for sale in the UK which are still in good condition. 

Power Transitions Made Simple with Manual Switches

At Blades Power Generation, we understand the critical importance of reliable power for homes and businesses. A manual changeover switch serves as a crucial component to guarantee continuous supply during transitions between mains power and a backup generator.

As an established UK provider of quality switches for years, we offer a wide selection to suit an array of applications. Whether you need a robust solution for safe, hassle-free transitions in a commercial setting or a straightforward option for your household, we have you covered.

Overview of Manual Changeover Switches

A manual switch provides a means to switch between two power sources to supply electricity without disruption. Key features include:

  •      Ability to safely transition from the mains to a generator or inverter system
  •      Prevents back feeding to ensure operator safety 
  •      Allows manual control over the power source

Typical applications include:

  •      Homes - Switch from the utility to a backup generator
  •      Businesses - Transition to an emergency power supply 
  •      Off-grid sites – Alternate between solar, wind or diesel generators

Benefits of Installing a Manual Changeover Switch

Installing a quality manual switch delivers numerous advantages:


  •      Guaranteed power continuity avoiding disruptions
  •      Allows use of backup supply when needed


  •      Isolates sources preventing hazardous back feeding
  •      Gives operators control over transitions 


  •      Quick and straightforward switching between supplies
  •      Compact designs suitable for many applications

With easy operation and robust safety mechanisms, our switches provide peace of mind knowing you can access backup power seamlessly.

Typical Applications of Manual Transfer Switches

Manual transfer switches deliver the vital ability to transition power safely across various sectors:


  •      The whole house is backed up with a generator
  •      Integrating renewable energy sources


  •      Buildings equipped with emergency power systems
  •      Maintenance transitions in facilities   


  •      Switching between primary and secondary supply
  •      Equipment control and safe isolation


  •      Generator backup at farms or orchards
  •      Alternating supply for irrigation systems  

Our ergonomic switches ensure reliable transitions, to keep homes comfortable, businesses operational and processes running smoothly when outages occur.

For years Blades Power Generation has manufactured robust, reliable switches to facilitate secure transitions between power sources. Engineered with care and thoroughly tested, our products provide peace of mind that your supply is consistent and safe.

As UK leaders in switchgear equipment, we invite you to browse our extensive range for your particular needs. For technical guidance or to discuss suitable options, our team is happy to assist. Rely on us for all your manual changeover switch requirements.

Best UK Generators On Sale - Buy Now & Install Asap

At Blades Power Generation, we understand that power is essential, whether for your home, business, or events. Our wide selection of generators provides reliable electricity on demand. When you need power, you need it now - and our inventory ensures we have the right generator ready for immediate delivery.

Searching for an available generator that fits your needs and budget is a frustrating race against the clock before your next power failure. But for a limited time, Blades Power Generation is offering new generators for sale in the UK perfectly tailored to British customers.

Identifying reputable dealers with technical expertise and ready stock of top equipment from major brands is proving more critical by the day. Customers urgently need suppliers focused on availability, affordability, suitability to specific requirements, and comprehensive support.

Standby & Portable Generators

From small portables to large standby whole-house generators, we offer diverse solutions:

Portable Generators

-       Convenient power for outdoor events, worksites, camping, & power outages

-       Inverter models for sensitive electronics

-       Variety of fuel options including petrol, diesel, propane

-       Lightweight and easy to transport

Standby Generators

-       Permanently installed for automatic backup power during grid failures

-       Power the entire home or essential circuits only 

-       Natural gas, propane, or diesel models

-       Hands-free operation activates within seconds of outage

Speak to an Expert

Choosing the right generator requires careful consideration of your needs, budget, and application. Our specialists have helped thousands of customers select appropriate systems based on:

  •      Location/Environment
  •      Fuel Source Available
  •      Power Output Needs
  •      Budget 
  •      Planned Uses
  •      Noise/Disturbance Limitations

We take the time to listen and guide you through the options to find your ideal generator solution. The goal is total customer satisfaction achieved by understanding your requirements and providing ongoing support.

Indeed, generator buyers unimpressed with quotes promising units ‘in a month or two maybe’ now turn to us first knowing we: deliver and install in days not months, employ generator specialists to match client applications, carry every major brand to beat ‘one size fits none’ shortfalls other vendors peddle, back great pricing with total transparency and zero hidden charges, offer full-service support from planning to maintenance so you enjoy hassle-free, reliable backup power for years on end. 

Give us a call anytime to learn more about new generators for sale in the UK available for immediate purchase and delivery. Speak to a specialist about selecting the ideal system for your site and application. We make it simple to get the reliable backup power you need, with full installation and support.

This is Why You Need an Emergency Power Source if You Live in the UK

Electricity is the silent engine driving progress, from the glow of streetlights to the hum of servers. Electricity is quietly enabling the conveniences we often take for granted. Yet, this dependency becomes most apparent when the lights flicker and the familiar hum falls silent. Power outages disrupt the rhythm of our lives, which is why it’s important to have the best emergency power source in the UK with us.

A survey revealed that 66% of UK residents have experienced local power cuts, with 23% facing annual occurrences and 10% dealing with cuts every six to ten months.

The frequency of power outages paints a portrait of vulnerability in the UK accustomed to the reliability of its infrastructure. Unpredictable weather emerges as a formidable adversary. The complexities of technical issues silently challenge the stability of the power grid.

The Importance of an Emergency Power Source

Emergency power sources transcend mere convenience. It is now a must-have for stability when the unexpected disrupts the natural order.

1.   Preserving Continuity:

Emergency power sources ensure uninterrupted functionality when the regular power supply falters. Whether at home or in the workplace, they become the reliable force that keeps the lights on and appliances humming, preserving the daily rhythm.

2.   Vital Lifelines for Critical Services:

Beyond personal convenience, these power backups become indispensable for critical services. Hospitals and emergency services, where a moment of darkness is not an option, rely on these sources as a constant lifeline, ensuring uninterrupted care and response.

3.   Economic Guardianship:

The impact extends to the economic realm, where businesses find themselves vulnerable during power outages. Emergency power sources become economic guardians, shielding businesses from potential financial losses, preserving operational stability, and safeguarding profit margins.

4.   Ensuring Personal Safety:

Beyond the numbers on a balance sheet, the importance of emergency power sources touches the core of personal safety and well-being. In times of crisis, having a reliable power source becomes paramount for security, providing comfort and assurance to individuals and families.

5.   Adaptability to Diverse Needs:

You've got a range of options when it comes to emergency power solutions, from portable generators to fancy uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems. This flexibility lets you customise your power backups to suit your situations. You can pick just what you need for any situation.

Choosing the right power source is a strategic decision shaping the efficiency and resilience of your energy infrastructure. Considerations like scale, environmental impact, and reliability play crucial roles in this decision-making process.

Make sure you get the best emergency power source in the UK by choosing Blades Power Generation

Here’s Why You Can Rely on Automatic Changeover Switches.

An automatic changeover switch, also known as a transfer switch, seamlessly shifts electrical power sources during outages. They ensure uninterrupted supply by automatically transferring load from the main power source to a backup generator.

These switches detect power loss and initiate the switch to the alternate source, preventing disruptions. Commonly used in critical systems like hospitals and data centres, they provide a reliable solution for maintaining continuous power supply. They swiftly respond to power fluctuations to keep essential operations running smoothly.

Why you can rely on them

These transfer switches are well-regarded for their reliability and dependable performance.

  • These switches are designed to detect power source failures almost instantaneously, facilitating a rapid transfer between the main power supply and the backup source and minimizing downtime.
  • Incorporating sophisticated sensing mechanisms, these switches continuously monitor the primary power source. Any deviation from normal parameters, such as a power outage or voltage irregularities, triggers an immediate response to initiate the transfer to the secondary source.
  • The switches feature robust construction with durable mechanical and electronic components, ensuring longevity and minimizing the likelihood of malfunctions, thereby contributing to overall system reliability.
  •  Engineered with fault-tolerant features, these switches can continue to operate effectively even in the presence of minor faults or issues, enhancing the overall resilience of the system.
  •  Many switches come equipped with adjustable delay settings, allowing users to customize the delay time according to specific requirements and providing flexibility in managing the transition between power sources.
  •   Some advanced models offer closed transition capability, ensuring a smooth and continuous transfer between power sources without any momentary interruption. This feature is particularly valuable in applications where even a brief power interruption is unacceptable.
  • Many modern automatic transfer switches are equipped with remote monitoring and control capabilities, enabling users to monitor the switch's status and performance remotely, facilitating proactive management and troubleshooting.
  • Reliable switches adhere to rigorous industry standards and undergo thorough testing to ensure compliance. This commitment to quality and adherence to standards significantly contributes to their overall reliability.

4 Types of Automatic Changeover Switches you must know:

     A. Open Transition Switches:

    1. Brief interruption during the power transfer.
    2. Suitable for most applications.

      B. Closed Transition Switches:

    1. Smooth, continuous transfer between power sources.
    2. Ideal for sensitive equipment and critical operations.

       C. Delayed Transition Switches:

    1. Adjustable delay settings for customized power transfer timing.
    2. Provides flexibility in managing transitions.

       D. Static Transfer Switches (STS):

    1. Instantaneous transfer without mechanical components.
    2. Suitable for high-reliability applications.

Now that you know what an automatic changeover switch is, give us a call for an Annual Service Contract to keep your switches trouble-free.


How to Solve Common Generator Problems With Changeover Switchgears

Standby engine generators, as the name suggests, are vital for emergencies. They are kept as backups to generate power during outages. Now, swift activation of standby engine generators is crucial when outages persist for a longer period of time. Specific issues such as failure to start, generator not connecting due to switchgear malfunction, or operational failure post-connection may sometimes delay the activation of the generator. By using a branded generator changeover switchgear, you can eliminate these problems.

Common Generator Problems and the Ways to Address Them

Problem 1: The generator engine failed to start

Solution: Confirm the engine and switchgear controls are in automatic mode. Regularly check battery health and charger power. Be cautious of ATS not detecting power failure, hindering engine start. Periodic ATS tests, briefly cutting normal power, ensuring prompt engine response, and verifying ATS functionality during utility outages.

Problem 2: Engine running but failing to meet critical load

Solution: During routine maintenance, technicians must validate the correct switchgear neutral switch timing setpoint. Regular checks should ensure the engine main breaker is closed. Adjust the breaker setting to avoid unnecessary trips under load. Conduct frequent transfer tests initiated manually at the ATS without opening circuit breakers to prevent failure modes. The common failure modes are:

  •      The ATS does not acknowledge acceptable generator power
  •      ATS jamming or failing to transfer
  •      And, contacts fail under load post-transfer

This proactive approach ensures the reliability of the generator switchgear and minimises potential operational failures.

Problem 3: The engine carries the load smoothly but fails before the return of utility power

Solution: Prevent fuel-related issues by routinely inspecting pumps and filters for contamination. Run the generator for extended periods to confirm prolonged performance and avert these potential failure modes.

  •      Engine overheating
  •      Component failures
  •      Incompatibility issues with load, such as voltage regulator or speed governor issues

Problem 4: The engine still runs after stable utility power returns

Solution: Verify switchgear setpoints for potential manual transfer requirements. Ensure correct adjustment of the ATS-in-phase monitor and appropriate engine frequency for seamless in-phase monitoring and closed-transition transfer.

Avoid generator issues with the best switchgears

Selecting the right generator changeover switchgear is critical for unhindered power transitions during power cuts and supply outages. The choice influences the reliability of backup power systems by ensuring timely and automatic shifts between utility and generator power. Well-designed switchgear minimises the risk of failure modes, such as failure to recognise utility power return or jams during transfer. Find the best switch gears with Blades Power Generation today!

What to Consider When Choosing an Automatic Transfer Switch

The crucial element of a power generator is an Automatic Transfer Switch. As the name suggests, when the primary power source fails, this switch will automatically shift to a reserve power-generating source. All industries install such automatic transfer accessories in their power generation systems for safety and convenience. Let us find out what to consider for identifying the suitable ones.

Key considerations for  Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) selection

Power rating

The power rating of an ATS indicates its capacity to handle electrical loads. It is measured in amperes (A) and represents the maximum current the ATS can manage. Choosing the right power rating ensures unhindered transitions during power outages and safeguarding your electrical systems effectively. This power rating of ATS is also called total amperage. Check and understand the power rating that suits your requirements.

Voltage requirements

The ATS must align with the voltage requirements of the primary power source and the backup generator. Mismatched voltages can lead to equipment damage or failure during power transfers. Confirming that the ATS is rated for the specific voltage of the electrical system it will connect to is essential. Understanding the voltage factor ensures a proper transition between power sources. It also guarantees the optimal ATS functions and safeguards against potential disruptions.

The wattage of the generators

These switches are generally measured or rated in kilovolt amperes (kVA). This rating indicates the maximum current an ATS can handle. On the other hand, generators are often rated in watts. We should know that the wattage of a generator is the result of multiplying device amperage and circuit voltage. Hence, calculate the power requirement by checking the generator’s output capacity.

Safety features

Prioritise checking safety features such as overcurrent protection, surge protection, and load-shedding capabilities. These features safeguard electrical systems during power transitions, preventing damage and ensuring user safety. Prioritising ATS models with robust safety features is essential for a reliable backup power setup.

The degree of reliability

Last but not least, the final factor describes the reliability factor of an ATS manufacturing brand. The material used, build quality, certifications, industry standards, etc., of an ATS design must be checked along with the brand’s reputation in the market.

Get Suitable and Reliable ATS!

Consider the aforementioned factors to find the most suitable Automatic Transfer Switch in Blades Power Generation and stay compliant with industry standards. Remember, a proper choice from a reputed brand will go a long way to save your appliances and equipment.

Secure a Competitive Advantage for Your Business With a Backup Generator!

A backup generator can provide your business with a major advantage over competitors in several ways by enhancing resilience, ensuring continuous operations, and maintaining customer trust. In industries where competitors offer similar products or services, having a backup generator demonstrates your commitment to reliability and preparedness, attracting customers who prioritise uninterrupted service. And all this can be done at a low cost since new generators for sale in the UK are not that expensive these days! Here are some ways in which a backup generator can contribute to a competitive edge -

Minimise Downtime -  When a power outage occurs, businesses without backup power sources experience downtime, which can result in lost revenue and productivity. A backup generator with a manual transfer switch is cheap and allows your business to continue operating during blackouts, reducing downtime and financial losses.

Business Continuity -  Having a backup generator is a crucial component of a comprehensive business continuity plan. It demonstrates your commitment to ensuring that your business can weather disruptions and continue serving customers even in adverse conditions. This can help build trust with clients and partners who rely on your services.

Data Protection - Many businesses today rely heavily on data. A backup generator ensures that any data centres and IT infrastructure remain operational during power outages, protecting critical data and preventing data loss. This can be a significant advantage, especially for companies handling sensitive customer information or conducting real-time data processing.

Customer Service -  Maintaining excellent customer service is vital for businesses. With a backup generator, you can keep essential systems such as customer support lines, e-commerce platforms, and order processing running smoothly, providing uninterrupted service to your customers. This can lead to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Supply Chain Management - Businesses that rely on supply chains can use backup power to keep essential equipment and systems running. This helps manage inventory, production, and distribution effectively, ensuring a steady supply of goods and services to customers, even when external factors disrupt supply chains.

A backup generator can set your business apart from competitors by demonstrating reliability and preparedness, contributing to long-term success and customer loyalty. Avoiding losses due to downtime, spoiled inventory, or equipment damage can easily outweigh the generator's initial cost, making this investment a no-brainer. Check out Blades Power Generation for the best new generators for sale in the UK at the best prices and with the best customer service! Click here to give your business that extra edge today!