Automatic Transfer Switches for Critical Infrastructure

When the power fails to keep critical systems going, the Automatic Transfer Switch jumps into action.

Think about all the vital equipment and systems that need continuous power:


- Life support machines
- Emergency room/operating room lighting
- Refrigeration for medicines/blood
- Communications systems


- Control tower operations
- Runway/taxiway lighting
- Check-in/security screening
- Flight information displays 

Data Centers

- Computer servers
- HVAC/cooling systems

And the list goes on - water treatment plants, traffic signals, telecommunications hubs, 911 call centres...the backbone of society depends on power being there 24/7.

An ATS ensures this critical infrastructure has backup power within seconds of an outage to prevent disruption or downtime. That's why it's mandatory for places like hospitals and airports to have ATS installs and generators.

How Does an Automatic Transfer Switch Work?

The ATS has built-in delays to ride through minor blips, storms etc. But once it verifies the utility is completely down for the count, it makes the switch to backup so you don't even notice a hiccup.

When utility power is restored and stable, the ATS transfers the load back and allows a cool-down period before shutting down the generator. Hospitals and other critical facilities test this sequence regularly.

There are different ATS sizes and configurations based on the facility's power needs. But the core function - automatically switchover to a backup supply when the main one fails - is what keeps critical systems alive.

Why Not Use a Manual Transfer Switch?

Some businesses use a manual transfer switch operated by a person to swap between power sources during an outage. But there are a few downsides:

- Requires someone to be onsite to make the switch, which can delay response time
- Allows potential for human error in the transfer process
- Power is interrupted for a period until the switch is made

An automatic transfer switch takes people out of the equation for a reliable, instantaneous switchover when disaster strikes. Makes sense for something as vital as a hospital's emergency power supply, right?

When specifying an ATS, work closely with your electrical engineer or contractor to get the right unit based on your facility's power needs and redundancy requirements. Installing too small an ATS is just as bad (or worse) than not having one!

Does your critical infrastructure have a properly specified and maintained automatic transfer switch? If not, it's time to make this life-saving upgrade to keep your vital operations firing on all cylinders 24/7. No more excuses - get on it today!

The Importance of Automatic Changeover Switches in Data Centers

An automatic changeover switch constantly monitors the incoming utility power supply. The second it detects a failure or drop below acceptable limits, it transitions to the backup power source without disrupting operations.

No human involvement is required - the whole switchover happens automatically in a few seconds. Talk about hustle!

Increased Reliability and Redundancy

Here's the deal: Electricity is great... when it's working. But things like severe weather, utility company screwups and good old human error can knock out your main power feed anytime.

One lousy incident is all it takes to cripple operations and put your business in jeopardy. It is not an ideal situation at all!

Fortunately, reputable data centres have backup generators that temporarily provide enough power to run servers and cooling systems during outages. But you need a way to leverage that backup juice when the primary supply conks out.

An ATS gives you redundancy and reliability - ensuring your mission-critical applications stay online no matter what curveballs get thrown.

Running a data centre isn’t cheap. Aside from the upfront costs, you've got recurring operational expenses (OPEX) like power bills and maintenance.  

An inefficient infrastructure prone to outages and human errors means higher OPEX over time. Lost productivity, overtime labour costs, and angry customers switching to competitors add up quickly.

By ensuring a continuous supply of clean, consistent power, can maximise that sweet, sweet uptime.

Your servers, storage systems, cooling units and other critical equipment can keep on chugging away smoothly. 

With an ATS managing your automated power transition, you'll spend less on maintenance and repairs. 

Test Out Backup Power Seamlessly

How do you test them safely under real load conditions? It is kind of tricky with a traditional setup.

Luckily, having an ATS gives you a way to simulate power failures and verify your backup sources are A-OK. 

You can schedule tests during off-peak hours when demand is lower. Then the ATS will safely transfer your load over to those generators for a bit and automatically switch back once testing is complete.  

This regular testing is crucial for pinpointing any issues and ensuring reliable backup power when you really need it.

So if you're serious about your data center's availability and efficiency, get serious about installing an automatic changeover switch.

Once you make that investment, you'll sleep like a baby at night knowing your power supply is solid no matter what craziness happens.

Single and 3-Phase Manual Changeover Switches

Single-Phase Manual Changeover Switches

These simple yet rugged switches let you hook up your portable generator when the grid power craps out. Just flick that lever, and boom - you're back in action!

For homes running on single-phase power, you've got two main options:

1) 2 Pole changeover switch 

2) 3 Pole changeover switch

A 2-pole model is the most basic, handling the standard 120V power for small homes or job sites.

But if you've got a larger home with 240V appliances like electric stoves or clothes dryers, you'll want that extra pole. 

Pro tip: Always use switches rated for your generator's full capacity. You don't want any circuits overloading!

Three-Phase Manual Changeover Switches 

Are you powering those big rigs with generators? Then you'll be looking at some heavy-duty three-phase changeover options. This isn't your average weekend warrior setup!

Companies and factories tend to opt for either:

1) 3 Pole changeover switches

2) 4 Pole changeover switches

A 3-pole unit is the standard for smaller three-phase systems up to 600V. It's a robust piece of kit that'll keep your essential equipment humming.

But if you're dealing with high voltages (over 600V) or extra heavy loads, that 4-pole switch is what you need. It's got enough muscle to transfer that massive amount of power.

Whichever option you go for, these switches are designed for reliable changeovers between utility and generator power. No hiccups, no disruptions - just a steady flow of juice to keep your operation running smoothly.

Pro Tips on Manual Changeover Switches

- Favor switches made from durable, outdoor-rated metal enclosures. You want these to withstand the elements for years.

- Always opt for switches rated higher than your actual requirements. Overloads lead to burnouts – no fun! 

- Mount your switch as close to the main generator inlet as possible. Lengthy cable runs mean power loss.

- If you're unsure about proper sizing or installation, rope in a qualified electrician. Safety first!

- Once installed, test that sucker every few months by running your generator. Preparedness is key.

A rugged manual changeover switch is a small price to pay for total power reliability. With the right model for your needs, you'll never be left powerless again!

So don't wait until that next big storm hits. Get your switch game in order today, and you'll be the bright home of your neighbourhood tomorrow!

Your Simple Guide to Getting a Generator in the UK

Think about it - these days we need electricity for practically everything. Generators give you backup power so even when there's an outage, your life can keep on trucking:

  • Keep those lights shining bright
  • Keep yourself toasty with heating
  • Keep phones/laptops/etc. charged up
  • Stop your food going off in the fridge

With a generator, power cuts are no biggie. You get total peace of mind, simple as that.

Key Things to Consider for New Generators

With all the options, buying a new generator in the UK can feel overwhelming. Here are the biggies to keep in mind:

Fuel Type

  • Gasoline is cheap and easy to find but needs refilling
  • Propane burns cleaner but costs more
  • Natural gas gets piped right to your home - no refuelling!

Noise Levels

  • Do you have close neighbours? Look for quieter inverter models
  • Some areas have sound restrictions too


  • Portable = You can move it around easily
  • Standby models get permanently installed

Automatic Transfer Switch

  • Auto switches between grid/generator power
  • No messing around with manual switches - easy peasy!

Brand Reputation

  • Stick to trusted brand names known for quality
  • Check what warranty and service options they offer

Your Generator Gurus: Blades Power Generation UK

When you want generators and top-notch service, there's no one better than Blades Power Generation UK. We seriously know our stuff!

We have got generators for every need and budget:

AMF (Automatic Mains Failure) Generators

  • Ultimate convenience - starts automatically when power fails
  • Seamless, uninterrupted backup power supply

Remote Start Generators

  • Control startup from anywhere with a remote
  • Added versatility, especially for larger properties

Key Start Generators

  • Classic reliable keyed ignition like starting a car
  • No pulling cords to start

Start-O-Matic Generators

  • Extremely easy push-button start
  • Quick and user-friendly operation

But wait, there's more! Blades Power Generation hooks you up with:

  • Automatic transfer switches to seamlessly swap between power sources
  • Manual transfer switches if you prefer hands-on control
  • Heavy-duty generator switchgear for critical facilities like hospitals
  • Budget-friendly used generators that have been serviced and checked
  • Routine generator maintenance and repairs by certified techs

We are serious about quality. Our generator enclosures use tough IP65 steel that won't dent or melt easily. You can count on our products to last when you buy a new generator in the UK.

Ready to never be powerless again? Reach out to Blades Power Generation today and our experts will get you sorted with the perfect generator setup. Power cuts will be a total non-issue!

Power Outages? No Sweat with an Automatic Transfer Switch

Can you imagine having to manually switch over to your generator? An Automatic Transfer Switch does all the work for you, automatically.

While a manual transfer switch is an option, an automatic model offers some serious advantages:

Convenience: No need to manually flip switches - the ATS does all the work for you.

Speed: The transfer happens in seconds, minimising downtime.

Safety: Eliminates the risk of back-feeding power to the utility lines.

Our Top-Notch ATS Solutions

At Blades Power Generation UK, we take pride in offering premium automatic transfer switches to keep your world running smoothly. Our ATSs are:

- Engineered for reliability and durability

- Compatible with a range of generators

- Customisable to your specific needs

- Built with user-friendly controls

Residential ATS

Protect your home sweet home from mega-long outages. Our residential ATSs are made for easy setup and to work with your current electrical setup.

Key Features:

• Compact and space-saving

• Simple to use and maintain

• Cost-effective investment

Commercial/Industrial ATS

Keep your operations up and running with our heavy-duty commercial and industrial ATSs. These robust units can handle even the most demanding power needs.

Key Features:

• Built for heavy-duty, critical operations

• Designed for massive power loads

• Advanced monitoring and controls

We offer full support and services to ensure your ATS keeps running smoothly.

• Professional installation by certified techs who know their stuff

• Preventative maintenance check-ups to stop any issues before they start

• Crazy responsive repair service if anything does go wrong

The Blades Power Generation Advantage

When you partner with us for your automatic transfer switch needs, you get:

• Unparalleled product knowledge and expertise

• A wide range of solutions to meet any requirement

• Attentive, personalised customer service

• Commitment to your complete satisfaction

Don't get caught powerless the next time the grid fails! An automatic transfer switch is hands-down the easiest way to keep your lights on and critical systems operational no matter what.

Don't leave your power supply to chance. Invest in an ATS from Blades Power Generation UK and enjoy the ultimate reliability and peace of mind.

Ready to experience the Blades Power Generation difference? Call us today or visit our website to explore our complete line of ATSs and other backup power solutions. Stay powered, no matter what.

Power Up Without Emptying Your Wallet: Affordable Used Generators

There must be two things in your mind right now. One, you want a generator to keep things running. And two, you do not want to spend too much on a brand-new generator.

Who said that you have to splash out big notes for a generator? That's where used generators for sale in the UK swoop in to save the day!

Get ready to plug into savings and power up your life in the most budget-friendly way possible!

Advantages of buying a used generator

Buying a used generator is awesome for a few reasons:

  • Saves Money: Used ones cost less, which is great for your wallet.
  • Lots of Choices: You've got many options in the used generator market.
  • Quick to Get: Unlike waiting for a new one, used generators are ready to roll immediately.

Buying a used generator is cheaper, gives you plenty of options, and gives you power fast when needed. Great right?

Things to consider

When you're looking to buy used generators, remember to check the following:

  • Age: Check how old the generator is and how much it has been used. Please opt for a generator that is still in good condition. You will get such generators at Blades Power Generation.
  • Maintenance History: Check if the generator was being treated properly and maintained regularly or if it was being neglected by the previous owners. Knowing this will help you understand the condition of the generator, how well it is and what you might to look into.
  • Warranty and Support: If there's any warranty left on the generator, it's like having a guardian angel watching over you in case anything goes wrong. Plus, having support available can save you a heap of trouble and money down the line if you ever need repairs or assistance.

Considering these things will help you pick the right generator. Just ask questions and do your research before you buy!

Our Inventory includes:


It has become clear that used generators save cash and provide a wide range of options. So buying a used generator just makes sense.

Why don’t you check out the used generator for sale in the UK that we've got? See what you can take home.

Flip the Switch: The Underrated Genius of Manual Power Backup

Manual changeover switch – a device that has stood the test of time. It provides a straightforward and cost-effective solution. This solution allows for seamless transitioning between primary and backup power sources.

Manual changeover switches remain a popular choice. They are popular for many homeowners, businesses, and industrial facilities. They offer a blend of simplicity, affordability, and dependability.

Their versatility, ease of use, and low maintenance requirements continue to resonate. This resonates with a diverse range of users. These users seek a no-nonsense, hands-on approach to power management. In an age where technological sophistication often comes at the expense of complexity and potential vulnerabilities, the manual switch stands as tangible proof. It testifies to the timeless appeal of straightforward, user-controlled solutions. These solutions prioritize reliability and operational simplicity.

These manual switches are straightforward and cost way less than their fancy automatic cousins. Perfect for those watching their pennies.

  • With fewer electronics and gizmos, there's less that can break or malfunction down the line. Simplicity for the win!
  • No complex programming is required. Just grab that lever and give them a pull when needed. Easy peasy.
  • Minimal maintenance means less headache and money spent long-term.

Sure, automatic transfer switches might seem more cutting-edge. But sometimes that good old manual control is exactly what you need – no algorithms or hiccups, just you calling the shots.

Homeowners love them for keeping things running smoothly during storms and outages. But they're super handy in businesses, hospitals, you name it. Anywhere you've got critical systems that can't afford interruptions.

Getting one of these installed properly is crucial too. Don't go rogue here – leave it to a qualified electrician who knows the codes. And be sure to keep up with inspections and maintenance.

Look, I get it. We're living in an automated world with smart this and intelligent that. But sometimes you just can't beat the simple reliability and hands-on control of a trusty manual changeover switch. It might just be your light in the darkness when the grid decides to take a vacation.

So welcome that manual power, my friends! It's often the straightforward solutions that save us when the world goes dark. A well-placed switch and backup power source could be what keeps your lights shining bright.

Keep Things Switched On: Thanks to Automatic Transfer Switches

An automatic transfer switch automatically switches between your primary and backup power sources. Here are some key points about ATS:

  •      Automatically transitions powered loads to a generator or other backup source during an outage
  •      Prevents back feed of power into utility lines during an outage
  •      Allows safe switching between power sources
  •      Provides seamless transition of power to prevent interruption

Used for any application where a power disruption would cause significant disruption, danger and high costs - like data centres, industrial processes, and infrastructure.

Why Are Automatic Transfer Switches Used?

There are several reasons why ATS are a common component of backup power systems:

They prevent injury and damage by preventing the back feed of power into utility lines. This protects workers who may be repairing lines.

They provide a quick, seamless transition to backup power. This avoids interruption and disruption to equipment and processes.

They require no manual intervention to switch power sources. The transition is automatic.

They may be required as part of backup systems for life safety systems in facilities such as hospitals

ATS Key Features and Options

There are several key specifications and options to consider when selecting an automatic transfer switch:

  • Transition Time - The time it takes to transfer loads to backup power. Faster times prevent interruption.
  • Withstand and Closing Ratings - The amount of current/voltage the switch can handle without damage. Matches the generator size.
  • Number of Poles - Single pole (2-wire) or multi-pole (3 or 4-wire) configurations are available. Matches the electrical system.
  • Enclosure Type - Indoor and outdoor rated enclosures to match the environment. Outdoor models provide more placement flexibility.
  • Controller Logic - Digital microprocessors that supervise and control the switching process. Provide precise timing and control.
  • Keypad Programming - Allows easy adjustment of the operating parameters and timing as needed.
  • Network Communication - Allows monitoring and control of the ATS remotely over a network for convenience.
  • Testing and Simulation - Used to periodically test the generator and ATS operation for reliability. Prevents problems.
  • Predictive Maintenance - Advanced models track operation metrics to catch issues early before failure. Maximises uptime.
  • Durability - Components designed to handle years of reliable switching cycles, temperature fluctuations, dirt, etc.

ATS are used in a wide variety of facilities across many industries and applications. Proper selection requires consideration of factors like transition time, withstand/closing ratings, number of poles, enclosure type, controller features, and more.

Our ATS specialists can help assess your specific needs and recommend the right model to suit your requirements.

Our specialists are ready to help assess your needs and ensure you get an ATS that meets the requirements of your emergency power, legally required, or mission-critical backup system.

Don't Be Left Powerless - New Generators on Sale

A reliable generator brings peace of mind by keeping essential appliances running during a blackout. Key benefits include:

  • Prevent food spoilage - Refrigeration and freezers continue operating to save costly food waste.
  • Maintain security - Security systems, outdoor lighting, and electric gates stay powered.
  • Stop work disruptions - Keep computers, machinery, and appliances online so business can carry on uninterrupted.
  • Safety & communication - Lighting, heating, and internet stay on so households remain safe and comfortable.

Generator Range

As an established market leader, Hyundai offers an extensive range of high-quality generators for domestic and commercial usage in the new generators for sale in the UK.

Single Phase Generators

Ideal for powering UK homes, Hyundai's single-phase generators supply everything needed to run lights, appliances, electric heating, etc. Available models include:

  • DHY9KSEM - Delivers 9kVA of backup power, perfect for large family homes.
  • DHY11KSEM - With 11kVA maximum output, it supports increased demand from outbuildings and electric vehicle charging.
  • DHY18KSEM - For very large properties, this 18kVA model allows you to safely operate multiple high-drain items simultaneously.

Three Phase Generators

Supporting complex distribution boards, three-phase generators suit most business environments including offices, retail stores, restaurants etc. Suitable options include:

  • DHY11KSE - Providing 11kVA at 240/415V, it meets typical small business energy needs.
  • DHY14KSE - With 14kVA capacity, it easily handles medium-sized facilities.
  • DHY22KSE - Offering a substantial 22kVA output, it powers larger premises even at peak loading.

For the largest sites like industrial units, hospitals and data centres, Hyundai's DHY30000SE model generates an incredible 30kVA.

Control Panels & Switchgear

To enable automatic generator control, we also supply purpose-built switchgear and pre-configured control panels. This equipment seamlessly switches supply from the mains to the backup generator when an outage occurs.

Professionally installed by our engineers, this technology optimises generator performance and safely integrates the new power source.

Why Choose Blades?

As an authorised Hyundai dealer, we are factory-trained and adhere to stringent service standards set by the manufacturer.

Other key reasons to choose us include:

Reliable Products - We only supply high-quality, industry-leading generator brands that are rigorously tested for performance and safety.

Expert Support - Our advisors offer specialist assistance to identify ideal generators based on your technical requirements and budget.

Professional Installation - We directly employ experienced engineers across the UK to undertake generator installations.

See our latest generator deals through the online shop for new generators for sale in the UK or speak to an advisor today to future-proof your property with a reliable backup power generator. With flexible payment options and UK nationwide delivery, safeguard your home or business now against potentially devastating power outages.

No Power, No Problem: Why Your Home Needs Automatic Changeover Switches

An automatic changeover switch sometimes called an automatic transfer switch, allows switching between two power sources—usually the utility grid and a backup home generator or solar and battery storage system. It detects when the primary power fails and automatically switches to the backup source so there is no interruption to power. 

Key Benefits

Installing an automatic transfer switch provides these key benefits:

Generator Backup Power Systems

When it comes to home generators, almost all of them need an automatic switching device installed next to the main electrical panel. It's wired into critical circuits so when the power cuts out, the switch tells the generator to turn on while disconnecting your house from the neighborhood electrical lines.

Solar and Battery Backup Systems

Many setups have to shut off when the grid is down to prevent backfeeding. Adding batteries and a switch fixes this - it makes your house rely solely on the sun's energy stored in your batteries. This way you can keep the lights on even if it's nighttime or cloudy.

Selecting the Right Changeover Switch

When selecting a transition switch, these key factors must be considered:

  •      Application (generator/solar) and home Electrical load
  •      Number of amps and voltage rating
  •      Enclosure type
  •      Single-phase or three-phase power
  •      Transition speed
  •      Manual operation capability
  •      Integrated controller vs external

Our experts at Blades Power Generation can determine the optimal switch specifications and capacity based on your unique home backup system and loads.

Proper Installation Guidelines

To function safely and efficiently, automatic changeover switches must be professionally installed following proper electrical codes and procedures. Our licensed electricians recommend these guidelines:

Locate it close to the main panel

  •      Mount securely with adequate clearance
  •      Use appropriate wire size to prevent overload
  •      Follow all manufacturer mounting and wiring instructions
  •      Test operation thoroughly post-installation

Key Wiring Connections

Making the proper electrical connections is critical for automatic transfer switch functionality. Ensure the following circuits are correctly wired according to the installation manual:

  •      Utility Power
  •      Backup Power Source (Generator/Batteries)
  •      Grounding Conductors
  •      Main Electrical Panel
  •      Control Wiring

Call Blades Power Generation to keep your system operating safely for years to come.

  •      Seamless transition to backup power - Prevents lights and appliances from shutting off when transitioning power sources
  •      Safety - Isolates the two power sources to prevent back feed accidents
  •      Convenience – Operation is fully automated for ease of use even for homeowners without electrical expertise

Two main types of home backup power systems use automatic changeover switches:

  1. Generator Systems
  2. Solar/Battery Storage Systems