Socomec ATyS



These Units can be used for Three & Four Pole as there is a dip-switch to change between, so you only need one unit for multiple usages, Mains Mains Or Mains Generator the same unit will do all.


• Fully integrated and ready for installation The ATyS d H has been designed tofacilitate installation and is available as afixed or withdrawable transfer switch. Itis composed of two switches with easily

accessible power connections located at the rear. The bridging bars on the load side are connected within the product thus enabling to save cost and time during installation.


• Safe on load transfer: I-0-II The ATyS d H ensures that source I andsource II do not overlap by including two

mechanically interlocked fast transfer switches. An integrated 0 position provides isolation and allows safe

maintenance of the installation.


• High performance switching The ATyS d H offers high withstand shortcircuit current ratings of 143 kA Icm and

65 kA for 0.1 sec Icw with load switching capacity of AC33iB (6 x In cos Ø 0.5) without derating.


An optimised breaking system  Choice of switching technology • An on load switch disconnector providing safety isolation combined with high making and breaking characteristics.


• Safety isolation.

• Stable positions.

 A new switching module combining

• High dynamic withstand.

• Fast operation.

• High number of operations. Backup manual operation   Selection of Automatic/Manual operating mode via the protective sealable cover.  Backup manual operation using a standard allen key. Padlocking function configurable in position 0 or in all three positions (I, 0, II).

Two power switches Mechanically and electrically interlocked.

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