There are many applications in which a UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) is vital, as even a very short break in the power supply could mean disaster – for example, in hospitals, labs or other situations where constant monitoring is required.  Even with an automatic transfer switch, there is a very short period of time between mains failure and the generator starting up, which could have dire consequences.  Using a UPS ensures that when the mains power fails there is no break in  power supply.  We supply UPS systems ranging from 5kVA to 3300kVA.   You can purchase these with standard features or we can custom-make to your specific requirements.  

We sell UPS Systems ranging from 5kVA to 3300 kVA with standard features or custom made to your own design and features to meet your specification.

Three-Phase UPS will have a three phase input supply (415 in the UK). However, they may have a three phase output or a single phase out put (depending on the customer's specification)- although its more usual to have both the incoming supply the same as the outgoing supply.

Three phase UPS systems will normally start around 10 kVA and go up to several MVA if they are connected in parallel.

With three phase UPS requirements there are a virility of options available, including:-

  • SNMP adaptors
  • Remote monitoring
  • N+N redundancy
  • 10 year battery life
  • External bypass switches