1P-3P Explained

Single Phase


What’s the difference between a single-phase ( Residential ) or three-phase ( Industrial ) electricity supply?

Both of these are electricity supplies from your current supplier, it’s the amount of power that is different. A single-phase supply is smaller than a three-phase supply meaning you cannot use as much power. A typical house will need a single-phase supply whilst a larger house, flats or commercial building will need a three-phase supply. 

The way to tell what supply a property has is by looking at the fuse on the service head.

Single-phase has one 100amp fuse this will give you 240v, Fuse to Neutral

A three phase supply, has three 100amp fuses ( This can be larger depending on your demand ) Where a 3 Fuse system will give you 240v for each fuse to neutral but 415v fuse to fuse..