12v d/c Inverter changeover panel in a steel cubical


This panel has been designed to do the following

The idea is that you can plug into a generator or mains supply through your normal 240v mains plug 

on your Camper Van, Boat, Or Caravan when you are at a location or campsite.

Then with a flick of a switch, for travelling or at a remote location you can draw 240v power 

to the same circuit from your 12V dc battery supply.

With this panel we would use a set of 20 Amp 3 pole changeover contactors and a  d/c inverter

( this can be altered to your requirement)

We have an option for a battery charger to also be installed so when you are plugged into the mains

it can trickle charge your battery's back to full power ( this is an additional option )

This item can be used for any 12v d/c requirement, we are able to manufacture the panel to your requirements

Other Sizes Available Please contact one of our sales Team.

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