Mains To Generator ATS

Automatic Changeover Switches ATS / AMF

There are many applications in which it is essential to be sure of swift and efficient changeover to generator power when the mains power fails. Load transfer mechanism has proven to be a bane in today’s world when you have some critical facilities where power supply breakdowns even for a single minute can prove dangerous. In these instances, you need an automatic changeover switch so that very little time is lost in resuming the power supply.

Changeover mechanism provides security and comfort to households and businesses. Businesses and critical facilities in the UK are already benefitting from our services.

Automatic Transfer Switch

We supply a large range of 3 and 4-pole automatic transfer switches (ATS) from 25 to 2500 amp. We also stock a comprehensive selection of 3 and 4 pole dual powers automatic transfer switches from 25 to 2000 amp, for applications where a secondary backup source of emergency power is required in the UK.

In the wake of utility power loss—and surge—the load in your house is at risk. This is where our load transfer switch swoops in, and lets the electronics in your house feed on generator power when utility power dies; and switches back to utility again when it’s revived. Load transfer switches are imperative when you want a continuous uninterrupted power supply.


An explanation for part no’s for the shop search.

Example ABB4100MG

ABB = Contactor Option

4 = 4 Pole = 3 Phase + Neutral

3 = 3 Pole = Single Phase

100 = Current Rating Required

MG = Mains Generator Operation

MM = Mains – Mains Operation

SL = Single Line Bypass

DL = Dual Line Bypass

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