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Single Phase - Three Phase Explained

Single Phase


What’s the difference between a single-phase ( Residential ) or three-phase ( Industrial ) electricity supply?

Both of these are electricity supplies from your current supplier, it’s the amount of power that is different. A single-phase supply is smaller than a three-phase supply meaning you cannot use as much power. A typical house will need a single-phase supply whilst a larger house, flats or commercial building will need a three-phase supply. 

The way to tell what supply a property has is by looking at the fuse on the service head.

Single-phase has one 100amp fuse this will give you 240v, Fuse to Neutral

A three phase supply, has three 100amp fuses ( This can be larger depending on your demand ) Where a 3 Fuse system will give you 240v for each fuse to neutral but 415v fuse to fuse..

Dont Panic If the Lights Go Off


Dont Panic If the Lights Go Off

Imagine this - You have food on and in the cooker, and you are catching up on the ironing watching the small TV.  The kids are upstairs one has just shouted she has finished in the bathroom, the other child is locked away behind a door with stickers stating "KEEP OUT" venturing out occasionally for food, water and to meet mates.  Your Hubby shouts he is jumping in the shower before Tea and you shout "You got 10 minutes before I dish up!"


You hear the shower start, let the dog up the garden and there is a click and everything in plunged into darkness!




You freeze for a moment!  A pregnant pause that everyone else in the house experiences at the same time.  Then you hear one child shouting, because the game hasnt saved and they were on ... what ever level it was...No one is really listening at this moment....Another stands on the top of the stairs shouting for you.....You shout back "Nobody Panic, everyone just stay where you are!"  Then the Hubby mumbling under his breath about cold water and the poxy bathroom door frame that he stubbed his toe against trying to get to the stairs.


Your attempts of re-assuring words reach apon deaf ears, as you fumble to the window to check if any of the neighbours still have their lights on; whilst Hubby hobbles to the fuse box which is under the stairs with his fishing kit!


"The neighbours lights are on" you shout!  More heavy mumbling occurs as Hubby says you have to help, so he can get under the stairs..... 


The kids come down stairs by the lights of their mobiles, a little excitable, then Hubby reaches over and the trip is pushed back up into the right position and normality is restored.


But you should also ask yourself What made it trip.  Was it something that had just been plugged in.  Its a good idea to check your appliances to be safe.


How to Check Your Trip Switch! 


Try to switch the trip back on, by pushing it back to the upright position. If it stays on but the electric is still off, you need to check that the main switch on the fuse box is on.


If the trip switch trips immediately, then you have a fault with your wiring, an appliance or the fuse box. 


Check the appliances, it maybe just the hairdryer that was switched on to dry your childs hair that caused it. If when you turn the item on again and the electric goes off again; then its time to buy a new hairdryer.

If you have a separate Fuse Box and Trip Switch, you will need to turn the Fuse Box off and then turn the Trip Switch back on.  The Trip should stay up; however if the Trip Switches back to the off position again, then you may have a fault with either the Fuse Box or the Trip Switch itself.  Now is the time to call a Qualified Electrician.


 Do Not try the DIY approach - Electrocution hurts ...ALOT!

But what happens if you look out of the window and everything in your street or road was in Darkness?


We resume our story ....... "The neighbours lights are off too"

you shout!  More heavy mumbling occurs as Hubby limps to your side..... The kids come down stairs by the lights of their mobiles, a little excitable and still moaning about wet hair and unsaved games.


Whilst staring out the window you ask one of the kids to get the candles from under the sink and the other to go with Hubby to find the camping lights; Your excuse is they have the mobile torches on.  It would appear now is the only time that it is acceptable to spy on your neighbours; the chances are they are spying now on you for the same reason.


As you sit in illumination of candle light, including all you lovely smelly ones, because the camping lights batteries are dead; you have ensured that appliances that need to be turned off are.  You could if lucky, dish up the food and eat together by candlelight.  


You get the Hubby to hobble next door to check on your elderly neighbours, if you have them.  Many elderly will probably be more well equipped with dealing with an outage than you... they after all went through the 70's; but it is the neighbourly thing to do in an emergency.  If you cook by gas, boil some water, make a flask even  the simple act of lending a blanket or helping them up the stairs in the dark could make a lot of difference to them............


Remember, It’s much safer to use torches than it is to burn candles or paraffin lamps, but if you must use these items then make sure you use them safely:


Most powercuts dont last that long, some last an hour or so, some longer.  So when you have eaten, played a game of monopoly and the lights still aren't on; you realize the cold of the night will take a while to set in, so its better to all stay in one room, hunker in with your duvets and keep warm.  With small kids you can have a camping night indoors.


Dont panic about your freezer, providing you dont keep opening the door, the food inside will remain ok for several hours before the temperature starts to change. 


Dont panic about your tropical fish; they have a good 3 hours or so before you need to apply some simple tricks to keep them swimming. 


If you are able to warm up water, fill up a small plastic bottle and place inside the tank to help keep the temperature up, you can even wrap a blanket around the tank to insulate it.  Gentle swirl the water to re-oxygenate.


During a powercut you suddenly realise how much you rely on the powergrid.  All the gadgets you have dont work and become obsolete.  You, Hubby and the kids slowly become a family again; telling stories, playing games, watching the stars... even sharing a glass of home brew with the Goodlife  couple from next door.


However, there is an alternate path that this story could of taken and that was right back at the point when you froze for a moment!  The same pregnant pause that everyone else in the house experienced at the same time.


The reason is because that pause was long enough for you to hear another clunk and the lights came back on, because you have a Complete Backup Power system in your house.  


The Automatic Transfer Switch registered that the mains supply was cut and started your generator, restoring power back to your home.


Your food on the cooker and in the freezer was saved, no one stubbed their toe, just got alittle cold.  No searching for lamps and candle, your fish swim on to see another day.... 


You still boiled the kettle because you could, you filled a flask and popped around to the elderly couple next door because its the right thing to do.  One of the kids still probably moaned because the game wasnt saved and when you stand outside and see your other neighbours, tell them to come around with the home brew.  Impress the Goodlife people next door with your backup system.


With regards to the family time, telling stories and playing games..... thats down to you.  You shouldnt have to wait for a powercut to have fun with loved ones.


If you would like to invest in a complete backup system for you Home, Business or for an Emergency,



Blades Power Generation Ltd

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Everyone must at some point experiences a Powercut.  That moment when you stand like a statue, a pregnant pause in life with a horror look of OMG we've had a Powercut!   You start looking for candles that you have either pushed to the back of a cupboard or you hear the moans of Not my new scented Candle!

By the time you have that candles lit, you are trying to calm the kids because there is no Lights, No TV, No Play Station, no Hair dyers and You cant boil the kettle to have a cup of coffee to steady those rattled nerves.

You're looking out the windows and doors scanning if your neighbours power is also out and then the realization hits you that the people you hardly speak to are looking back at you!

This scenario makes me chuckle, but only because its only one of many that scenarios that could make your electric power go off and there are so many people out there that are totally unprepared for most emergency events.

But what if said that when the lights first went out and before you even had a chance to fumble your way through the back of the cupboard that you could have power restored, peace restored and you could put the kettle on for a cuppa ... Just because your could!

I can say and do this because we invested in Backup Power for our Home!  

When our TV and lights go off, I sit there during the pregnant pause and then Genny starts the lights come back on ..... then I walk to the kitchen and put the kettle on .... Because I can!

Also, when a Powercut happens at work, we NEVER have to say ..



Why?  Because we have Backup Power!

But the statement of

Do you know that there are articles on the internet as far back as 2008 stating that the UK will suffer more powercuts as the Grid fails - we are now in those times predicted and powercuts are on the rise everywhere in the UK.  Are we facing a Blackout Britain?  

Someone explain the weather too.  The UK are now naming storms which seem to be getting more fierce as they crash into our shorelines with devastating results.  These storms bring more rain inland and mass flooding occurs with life altering events.  We even have Tornado's!

People laugh at Doomsday Prepper or Preppers in general;  I say DONT!  Being prepared in case of an emergency is a sensible thing.  If your Power goes off for a long time How would you cope without what we consider Basic requirements, which most people take for granted.... That's when you realise that being Prepared for any situation would of been a sensible choice to make.  But understand this, some people dont want to be helped and will always brush information aside, because it will never happen to them!


You have probably already Invested in Double Glazing, Cavity Wall insulation, maybe even solar panel.... Now would be the time to INVEST in some form of BACKUP POWER for your Home and maybe even your Business.



01453 799655

The Blades Power 100 Amp, 3 Pole Compact Automatic Transfer Switch Panel is an ideal choice for Home usage, because of its size.


The Blades Power Compact panel against the Industrial sized panel of the same rating.


Do you need a Generator too?  Blades Power can advise you, which Home usage Generator would suit your requirement; as they come in varied sizes.

Both can be delivered direct to your door within a matter of days!

All Electrical work must be carried out by a qualified Engineer!

Support is only a phone call away

Automatic Changeover Switches ATS/AMF

Automatic Transfer Switches


Automatic Changeover Switches ATS / AMF

There are many applications in which it is essential to be sure of swift and efficient changeover to generator power when the mains power fails. In these instances you need an automatic changeover switch so that very little time is lost in the changeover.

We supply a large range of 3 and 4 pole automatic transfer switches (ATS) from 25 to 2500 amp. We also stock a comprehensive selection of 3 and 4 pole dual power automatic transfer switches from 25 to 2000 amp, for applications where a secondary backup source of emergency power is required.

In the wake of utility power loss—and surge—the load in your house is at the risk of being damaged or fried. This is where our load transfer switch swoops in, and lets the electronics in your house feed on generator power when utility power dies; and switches back to utility again when it’s revived.



The Blades Power 100Amp 3Pole Compact against the same panel yet standard sized!  Could possibly be the Best Compact on the Market!

As you can see the Compact is ideal for Homes as it can be fitted in smaller spaces.

Invest in Backup Power suitable for your Home, Business or an Emergency - #DontBeLeftInTheDark

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Inverter Changeover Panels

Inverter Changeover Panels

So you fancy abit of the Camping Wild?  

Out in the middle of nowhere, down by the river or in the dark woods - Let the Blades Power Transformer Changeover Panel help you out with that.

Well for one happy customer in Warwickshire, this little beauty is in transit today!


12v d/c Inverter changeover panel in a steel cubical This panel has been designed to do the following - The idea is that you can plug into a generator or mains supply through your normal 240v mains plug on your Camper Van, Boat, Or Caravan, when you are at a location or campsite.

With a flick of a switch, for travelling or at a remote location you can draw 240v power to the same circuit from your 12V dc battery supply.

With this panel we would use a set of 20 Amp 3 pole changeover contactors and a  d/c inverter ( this can be altered to your requirement).  We have an option for a battery charger to also be installed so when you are plugged into the mains it can trickle charge your battery's back to full power (this is an additional option).

This item can be used for any 12v d/c requirement and we are able to manufacture the panel to your requirements - Other Sizes Available Please contact one of our sales Team.



Call +44 (0) 1453 799655 and 07968504488



Helping you keep your lights on even on your Holidays and Adventures!




We only went and got Fibre Optic

We only went and got Fibre Optic


Growing up in the 70's and 80's when having a phone installed was a mega big thing.... like changing your old Black and White TV for a rental colour one; before the home line on the wall, we would rush to a phone box which was usually smelly to arrange hooking up with friends.


Marks first Mobile phone was a giant thing, that he carried around like a Battery Pack, soon after the phone shrank in size to a old walkie talkie with a solid ariel that could easily poke out someones eye.  In what seems like no time at all, we were on small Nokia's and now most people carry phones that store their whole lives on.

Mark was very proud of his phones - even the one we laugh about now!


Me personally - I dont do mobiles!


But, I am impressed with this Fibre Optic stuff!  I dont care that I have no idea how it works, and Im generally not overly that interested either, I even hate fibre optic Christmas Trees that change colour; but I do nod in the right places and say the Mmmm's, Oh's and Okey Dokeys in the right places, because Mark is.  


Living in a Rural setting has a tendency to be behind many new aspects of technology.  Sometimes I think thats a good thing, do we really need all these modern gadgets that separate us from family and ideas from the "Good Ole Days"  


I think even more though about what would happen if the Country suffered and EMP, or if the Grid went down - what would Fibre Optic do for us then during a Powercut?  


So I decided to google that question on my super fast connection.


The results were not that great really if you live Rurally! 







However if the Grid did go down for a long time I doubt that the worry of Fibre Optics in a rural setting would be a priority to many - including the locals. 


Many would be worried about their lack of hot water, that their hairdryers wont work and that they cant charge their little phones that store their life neatly in files....but hey "Me Personally - I dont do mobiles" 


I also used that Fast Fibre Optic to see for myself that Powercuts are on the rise, are happening every day and that there are many reports indicating that we are in a time where we could loose the grid completely.


If the Grid goes down and the SHTF the people you hope will come to your rescue will be helping their own families with no concern for you!  


Now is the time to INVEST in your own Backup Power System, which is suitable for your Home, Business or just for an Emergency.


Call us on our fast Fibre Optic line number 01453 799655 or 821322 Today!

or contact our Fibre Optic method of fast email connection 






Invest in a Backup Power System that will benefit your family when the power goes off