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Its Never too late to Invest in Backup Power

Stroud Parishes hit by Powercuts

The Advantages of Backup Power



2200 Watt Hyundai Portable Generator

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Hard to believe that we are now in August; we have gone past the longest day of the year and are now heading towards Christmas.... I hear a few faint hearted cries of "Noooo", but its coming fast and all we can do is pray for a few more warm'ish days before Autumn falls into play.
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Over the past couple of months a few of the local Parishes have been dealt the "Blackout" blow of Powercuts.  
Back in June 2016 the pretty Town of Nailsworth suffered, when a staggering 1,936 customers in the Forest Green area were without any power for several hours.
Then in July the picturesque village of Chalford were struck powerless leaving 897 homes in rising temperatures and defrosting Freezers and warmed Fridges.  The remaining 8 properties had to resolve to Generator Power till their mains supply was fixed.  
Nearly 200 customers on the Bath Road Trading Est and Lightpill area lost all Power towards the end of July, which could of proved a nightmare for businesses situated there.
As we rolled into August, Minchinhampton and Nailsworth again are thrown back to a time of no electric power, if for only an hour or so.
Just like MANY other Hamlets, Villages, Towns and Cities here in the UK, Stroud has been relatively lucky, so far!  With officials warning us since 2008 that we are currently in a time where the whole country could suffer major Blackouts.  This is not far reached or way out there, you only need to ask other countries where powercuts refer more to a change in government structure as they endure Rolling Blackouts or Load Shedding for hours and hours, sometimes Days!
So, what would you do if the power went off? Have you watched the "What if" documentary on a cyber attack in the UK - here's a link. 
Now ask yourself why are they putting this info out there if there is not a niggling worry about it happening in the future!
Nuclear Power stations have been closing in the UK over the past few years and whilst we need the power the thought of Fukushima lingers strong on peoples minds; many swinging more towards Green Energy using solar panels, wind and water power as an alternative power means.  
With bigger fish to fry let's think about those pesky EMP attacks.  Whilst the UK is in some sort of preparedness for a Solar EMP, our infrastructures would fry if North Korea or Russia blow up a Nuclear bomb in space!  With all the terror attacks happening all over the world and rumours of WW111, maybe its time to think like our Grandparents and prepare for the future.  Take a look at the following links and then do your own research.
Many people will simply dismiss certain information pronouncing the information Giver as Bat S**t Crazy; that is their choice, but for those people remember you are only 9 meals away from Anarchy!
If you have NO Power your Fridges and Freezers will start to defrost and if you are unable to cook it all and re-store, you will left with a smelly mess.  Have you ever wondered how long the food in your cupboards would last even if you had to ration it along with water? Or what it was like to live a few hundred years ago in a time before all of your electronic gizmos and the Industrial Revolution!  Hold on tight people it maybe on the horizon - Are you Ready. Are you Prepared?

Invest in Backup Power

What is Backup Power?  "It is an electric Generator or a Bank of Batteries, that can provide adequate power to operate critical equipment until commercial power is restored".
A fine link by Jerry Emanuelson explains the usefulness of an Emergency Portable and Standby Generator 

Blades Power can Advise you on Generator size and the Load requirement to accompany your 
Bespoke Changeover Panels, Manual and Automatic Transfer Switches. all built to your requirements here in Stroud, Gloucestershire.
Still thinking Green?  Thats OK.
Blades Power Generation have experience when amalgamating Wind, Water or Solar to Backup Power Systems.
 Blades Power has the experience with Caravan, Campervans, Boats and converted Buses, providing the Inverter Changeover Panel so you and your family can "Camp Wild" Turning DC to AC so you can power up, charge and use your 240v gizmos.

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Its NEVER to late to INVEST
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Are you an Apocaloptimist?

Are you an Apocaloptimist?

Don't mock the Prepper



Have you ever checked out the Disasters happening right now around the world?  There are so many taking place - Tornados, Storms, Floods, Sinkholes,  Earthquakes and unprecedented numbers of Volcanoes waking up, spewing ash and toxic fumes into the air.


There are Conflicts, Terrorist attacks and rumours of War; We have instability almost everywhere on the planet.  People are dying of Poverty, Starvation, Disease, Heatwaves and ignorance; not forgetting government problems, civil unrest and Electrical Grid issues ie Load Shedding, which reportedly is going to get worse.


Whales and fish are dying in their masses; Some species of animals are now extinct whilst other species of animals are right on the brink of disappearance and that could include us if we continue the way we are heading. Lets not talk Climate Change here, too many influential people have conflicting information on that subject to talk about now.


With so much happening you have to at some point ask yourself "How safe and prepared are you if the SHTF" You don't have to be into a conspiracy to see for yourself we are in Times of Deep Sorrow.


Obama says Prep for Disaster!  The Vatican have an Observatory on top of a mountain watching deep space...The telescope is called Lucifer and the Pope is saying prepare for the Apocalypse!  Top Rabbis state the Messiah is returning; Inuit Elders told Nasa that the Earth has tilted and moved to the North and whilst Nasa shows us pictures of Mars, Jupiter and the wobbles of Pluto, the people of planet earth post pictures on the internet of a second sun  named Planet X, Nibiru, The Blue Katchina and Wormwood in our skies and recording of unexplainable sounds in the sky likened to the sound of Trumpets in Revelations - Yes Bible Prophecy is possibly unfolding in front of our eyes.


And if it all happens, people will say "but No one warned us" - Those in power will say Yes we did, its not our fault if you were not paying attention, because you were all so wrapped up in SELF!


A study was conducted about 4 years ago, it stated the majority of people only have enough food in their kitchen cupboards to feed their families for 3 days; that's 72 hour, or 9 meals away from possible chaos and anarchy.... So buy a few extra tins and dried food each week when you go shopping.  Buy in extra loo rolls, candles and save water.


The Stroud Floods back in 2007 hit this particular area hard; flooding contaminated local water supply and within a short space of time people were fighting to get hold of bottled water - Literally fighting each other! 

It doesn't take long before our Primeval instincts kick in; we all have abit of the cave man in us.


The Apocaloptimist in me says "Prepare and we'll be OK" Human survival may rely on community survivor spirit.


Invest in a Changeover Inverter Panel for your Boat, Campervan or Caravan.  Every Bug out vehicle needs to be able to produce power for your survival.... Unless you are prepared to Bug in; which sometimes can be a safer option, depending on the crisis.


Look at the bigger picture as a whole and Invest in a Backup Power System for your Home, Business; or as a group for Schools, Social clubs and Village Halls; places where people are likely to gather in cases of an emergency or a disaster event.  A generator can power heaters and a means to provided hot food and drinks to many.


When a natural disaster strikes, portable generators are one of the first items to sell out in retail stores.  So you actually benefit your family by having a generator installed or sitting in the garage.  Invest in a Generator as they are not used solely to provide you with the power of illumination during a powercut, but for keeping your Freezer working, for Pumps, Room Air Conditioners, Portable Lights the list is endless.  However you must ensure your Generator is serviced regularly - Take care of Genny and Genny will take take of You.


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The Apocalypse may never happen, but it wouldn't hurt you to be prepared for whatever disaster Nature has to throw at us or situation either.


The Moto - "BE PREPARED!














School Summer holidays are upon us and the camping equipment is dragged out of the loft , garage or from under the stairs.  Spring clean the cobwebs from the Campervan and air out those boats; summer is here and with any luck the weather will be kind to us all.

When the kids were younger we packed up our caravan with everything but the kitchen sink; set off on the hot and hazy motorway heading for the Coast.  On arrival and endless arguments whilst erecting the awning, we finally plugged into the sites electric hookups and the holiday commenced.

The years of piling the kids and dogs into a hot car to travel somewhere else so that we didn't have to pay over the odd prices and some peace and quiet away from the screaming hoards of other peoples children and the wafts of BBQs that usually results in long ques for the loos later.

As the kids grew up. we all outgrew the caravan; wanting more than campsites could provide; we converted to Boating which gave us  Lazy days, pub crawls and bonfires.  The teenage kids camped outside under the stars; their numbers grew each time, as offsprings brought along friends for the adventure.  

This provided the perfect escape from the everyday business of work and life.  The rivers and canals of the UK are spectacular, you see aspects of this beautiful country that few other see.  However without a decent inverter you can be limited on how long you have light - and back in the day inverters were not cheap by any standards.  

Now we have a Campervan.  A right royal beaut that has taken us all over the place.  No more screaming kids just the wildlife and beautiful views at night and in the morning..... even taken us to No Mans Land.

The problem with camping wild is power!  If you're out in the middle of nowhere you can run your generator if you have one, but if your batteries are low its off to Zzzzzz land you go.

Talybont Reservoir

Mark started to think about Inverters and changeover panels again and decided to make an system suitable for our van and for family members.

The final product a 230/40 Amp Changeover Inverter Panel with a self explanatory fascia was presented to the Brother and Sister in law for trial and to get their opinion (hence the photo of their campervan)......They are still using it today and are very happy with it.  The photo of this panel is still used on our website, but the layout has been modified and improved.

12V dc Inverter CHangeover Panel for Boats, Campervans and Caravans

OK, so what does it do apart from keeping you happier for longer....

The idea is that you can plug into a generator or mains supply through your normal 240V mains plug on your Campervan or Boat - Or your Caravan if you are at a campsite.....keep those kiddiwinks happy!

With a flick of a switch for travelling or at a remote location you can draw 240V power to the same circuit from your 12V dc battery supply.

There is even an option for installing a Battery Charger, for when you are plugged into the mains; another option is for it to trickle feed your Battery back to full power.

The panel would use a set of 16 Amp 3 Pole Changeover Contactors and a 1500 watt dc Inverter; which can be altered to your requirements.

Easy to install and easy to use.

We can not guarantee that this product will stop arguments - However, it may alleviate some of the stress and worry about power usage.


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Blades Power Wishing Everyone a Happy Summer!