Buzzing About Backup Power




Have you ever been sat engrossed in the television and then the power goes off?  Excitement grips you and then deflation as you realise that you've had a powercut.......... 


I have and whilst it was all fun and exciting for a while, that feeling soon wore off when I found the radiators getting cold, I couldn't make a cuppa so we left the house in search of fast food and nasty cups of tea!  


The drive home was conversations of whether the electric would be up and running and if it was going to be possible to wake up in the morning without being able to set the alarm clock.


My parents were of the war baby era, they were the make do and mend generation.  I grew up in the 70's where powercuts were the norm for some.  I loved them as my Dad would put a metal bowl in my window with a candle shimmering and dancing, mesmerizing to the point of moving my pillow to the bottom of the bed to be able to watch it more closely.


My parents didn't worry about not waking in the morning as back then alarm clocks were windup and I remember them laughing and joking downstairs as I cuddled into my extra blanket before nodding off to Zzzz land!


Now I dont worry about Powercuts, or Grid Failure because that moment the power goes off and the excitement kicks in I know that the lights will come back on in a few seconds.  I now get extended excitement waiting for my Transfer Panel to resister the mains break and to turn on my Generator which subsequently gives me power again.


Now this may sound slightly sadistic, but Yes I do go straight to the kettle and fill it up and switch it on; why? Because I can! And there is some satisfaction knowing I can do that whilst other people cant.... its like Buzzing Ive got a Backup Power System that is awesome.







I admit, being married to possibly the best Generator and Switchgear expert out there does have benefits as my Backup Power System, portable generator and Transfer Switches are testament too.


Covered for any Emergency!


You too can be Buzzing if you INVEST in a backup system that is suitable for your family needs. 


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