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Generator Engine Control Panels



Blades Power Generation Ltd





An Automatic Mains Failure 7220 Panel



An Essential component of the Generator is the Alternator, which converts the energy that is produced by the Engine into Electricity.


Blades Power supplies a wide range of High Quality Alternator Mounted Engine Control Panels; follow the link above.


Blades Power Products include


Deep Sea - 3110 Auto Start (Load Sensing)

Key Start

Remote Start

Automatic Mains Failure - 7220 (Pictured above) and Module


Dont Panic if you are unsure which one to choose; We have a friendly team to answer any questions and provide you the information to be able to make the right choice based on your requirement.


Call +44 (0)1453 799655


#DontBeLeftInTheDark ....Or Cold!


Blades Power Generation covers #AllYourBackupPowerNeeds


Invest in Backup Power for Your HOME, BUSINESS or for an EMERGENCY

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