Have you ever heard of such a thing called "HyperNormalization" ?


Our World is Strange and Often Very Fake and Corrupt.  We all think and believe that it is "Normal" because we can not see anything else.


We sit watching Television Programs; unaware of the desensitization material our brains are being made to focus upon.  Cyberspace is no different, channeling our requirements to sites which make you happy; creating your safe bubble world; when the reality of world in numbed down and no longer gives you a shock feeling.




The same goes for the News; people are more interested in fake news about actors and actresses than Nations and civilians being bombed.  People miss or dismiss actual facts as unimportant, relying on someone else to fix the problems taking place. People think they know what is happening, but the reality is much different; Matrix springs to mind.


Many people dont read informative factual news, because it comes across as boring, or the terminology is over their heads.  Sadly many informative article are therefore bypassed and when bad things happen, are totally in an uproar because their force fed perception is flawed.


Did you know that articles have been published for everyone to see and read since 2008, telling you that we have a Power problem looming in our future?

Guess what - That looming future is NOW and so many people are not ready. 


Whilst Hypernormalization has taken a strong grip within our homes through the television, it has also made us reliant on the power we have at the flick of a switch.  Powercuts are on the increase across the UK; this is a fact that has been put out there since 2008!

So, just to prove a point, here is a list of only a FEW articles out there 


May 2008     Blackout Britain 

Sept 2008    Blackout Britain Warning

Nov 2008     UK experts give Blackout Warning

Jan 2009      Third World rolling Blackouts warning as Gov admits shortage

Feb 2010      Blackout Britain.  Britain faces a wave of 1970's style Blackouts

July 2011     Power Outage Warning

July 2012     Warnings of Rolling Blackouts

Oct 2012      Rolling Blackout Warnings

June 2013    Risk of Blackouts has Tripled in a Year

June 2013     Growing risks of Blackouts within 18 months

Oct 2013      UK faces increased risk of Blackouts

June 2011    Britain at risk of Energy Blackouts for next 2 years

Aug 2014     Winter of 2015/16 Forecasts to have highest risks of Blackouts

Nov 2014     Wales warned of 70's style Blackouts

Dec 2014     Britain Unprepared for Severe Blackouts Secret Gov reports reveals

June 2015    Electricity Blackouts risk up says National Grid

Sept 2015    UK Power supply unlikely to meet demand next Winter 

Oct 2015     Britain Blackout warnings do not reflect reality

Oct 2015     Blackout risk as UK energy crisis deepens

Feb 2016     UK Blackout Risk - Amber Warning

Feb 2016     Britain heading for Powercuts next Winter says 60 Local Authorities

April 2016   Power outages see Jump in UK

June 2016    Britain told to Brace itself for Power Shortages

July 2016    UK Plans for Power Shortages over Winter 2017-18

Oct 2016     End of British Summer time triggers National Grid Warning System


Many people will say its scaremongering.... That is Hypernormalization 

Many people will say your'e just trying to make money from scare tactics!!  This isn't so, I am not saying you have to buy from Blades Power; I'm saying BUY Backup Power suitable for your requirements.


Sorry to say, but we are living in the times that we have been warned about and if you haven't had a Powercut recently then Good for you, you are a lucky one...but what happens when your luck runs out? What will happen if the power goes off for a day, or a week or for good!


NOW is the time to INVEST in your Future!

A time to INVEST is an alternative form of Insurance!

NOW is the time to get BACKUP POWER!


My job is to get the information out there to people.  If you buy from us that is an obvious Bonus.  Its all about being prepared for what ever eventuality is thrown at you.


Here at Blades Power Generation, we manufacturer Specialized Switchgear Equipment for Residential, Business, Industrial and Emergency usage.


We have an extensive product range suitable for most customers.  But for those wanting something a little different, we are here to take the challenge.



Blades Power Generation can Incorporate solar, wind or water with our Bespoke Generation Equipment, so that you can utilize the Free Power Potential of Nature and your environment.  


Check out the website:


View the extensive range of Automatic Transfer Switches, Manual Transfer Switches, Engine Control Panels, Inverter Changeover Panels, Breaker Boxes etc.  And whilst your there, check out the Generators; starting from portable through to Industrial usage.


We even offer a 10% discount to All Stroud District Residents who purchase a COMPLETE Backup Power System from Blades Power.




Blades Power Generation

#AllYourSwitchgearNeeds AND #AllYourGeneratorNeeds




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