School Summer holidays are upon us and the camping equipment is dragged out of the loft , garage or from under the stairs.  Spring clean the cobwebs from the Campervan and air out those boats; summer is here and with any luck the weather will be kind to us all.

When the kids were younger we packed up our caravan with everything but the kitchen sink; set off on the hot and hazy motorway heading for the Coast.  On arrival and endless arguments whilst erecting the awning, we finally plugged into the sites electric hookups and the holiday commenced.

The years of piling the kids and dogs into a hot car to travel somewhere else so that we didn't have to pay over the odd prices and some peace and quiet away from the screaming hoards of other peoples children and the wafts of BBQs that usually results in long ques for the loos later.

As the kids grew up. we all outgrew the caravan; wanting more than campsites could provide; we converted to Boating which gave us  Lazy days, pub crawls and bonfires.  The teenage kids camped outside under the stars; their numbers grew each time, as offsprings brought along friends for the adventure.  

This provided the perfect escape from the everyday business of work and life.  The rivers and canals of the UK are spectacular, you see aspects of this beautiful country that few other see.  However without a decent inverter you can be limited on how long you have light - and back in the day inverters were not cheap by any standards.  

Now we have a Campervan.  A right royal beaut that has taken us all over the place.  No more screaming kids just the wildlife and beautiful views at night and in the morning..... even taken us to No Mans Land.

The problem with camping wild is power!  If you're out in the middle of nowhere you can run your generator if you have one, but if your batteries are low its off to Zzzzzz land you go.

Talybont Reservoir

Mark started to think about Inverters and changeover panels again and decided to make an system suitable for our van and for family members.

The final product a 230/40 Amp Changeover Inverter Panel with a self explanatory fascia was presented to the Brother and Sister in law for trial and to get their opinion (hence the photo of their campervan)......They are still using it today and are very happy with it.  The photo of this panel is still used on our website, but the layout has been modified and improved.

12V dc Inverter CHangeover Panel for Boats, Campervans and Caravans

OK, so what does it do apart from keeping you happier for longer....

The idea is that you can plug into a generator or mains supply through your normal 240V mains plug on your Campervan or Boat - Or your Caravan if you are at a campsite.....keep those kiddiwinks happy!

With a flick of a switch for travelling or at a remote location you can draw 240V power to the same circuit from your 12V dc battery supply.

There is even an option for installing a Battery Charger, for when you are plugged into the mains; another option is for it to trickle feed your Battery back to full power.

The panel would use a set of 16 Amp 3 Pole Changeover Contactors and a 1500 watt dc Inverter; which can be altered to your requirements.

Easy to install and easy to use.

We can not guarantee that this product will stop arguments - However, it may alleviate some of the stress and worry about power usage.


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Blades Power Wishing Everyone a Happy Summer!















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