Winter is Coming! Are You Prepared?



Winter is Coming!  Are You Prepared?


Living in a Rural Location has its good points; nice quiet countryside to roam about in and lots of fresh air.  But the downside can be unexpected Powercuts and bad weather which lingers longer.


Whether you live in a Hamlet, Village, Town or City everyone is susceptible to loss of Power; be it by the weather conditions, the aftermath off or a Grid issue.  

Everyone needs the security of having some form of Backup Power, it just depends of your needs and requirements.  There are many forms of Backup Power to choose from; but the common aspect is the Switchgear that can help you transfer that harvested power and help transfer it to usable power.


Blades Power Generation Your Local Switchgear and Transfer Switch Specialists.  Having experience helping customers power their Homes using 

wind, solar, generators, batteries and water by installing a suitable Transfer Panel to your property.



There is now No Better Time to INVEST in a Backup System or a small standby Generator in case of an Emergency.  


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