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Power Outages Seem Likely To Get Worse

Many people never think about electricity. It is just something that is there when we turn the lights on or want to turn up the heating, and we never give it any further consideration.

Nonetheless, according to a report on January 6th, the UK market is “showing signs of strain”. It stated that for the fourth time this winter just past, National Grid warned that the buffer needed to keep the lights on and ensure continuity of supply was too small. The report continued that, as on Wednesday that week, when the wind didn’t blow and cold weather boosted demand at the same time that several nuclear plants were offline, the grid operator was scrambling to avoid blackouts.

Furthermore, things are only likely to get worse. The government is planning to quadruple the amount of offshore wind capacity in the next nine years. And when the winds don’t blow, those turbines will produce nothing. Certainly, there are backup systems in place, but National Grid needs to get better at balancing the system when the renewables are not functioning.

According to Weijie Mak, project leader at Aurora Energy Research Ltd, “As the U.K. continues to rely on intermittent renewables, you need to have more and more backup capacities in place. You get into this issue where it’s harder and harder to manage the system.”

This all seems to indicate that power outages are going to become more common rather than less. Sure, if the power goes down for an hour or two while you are watching Corrie, it can be frustrating, but it is hardly life-changing. You can always catch up with it later.

However, if you run a business and the power goes down in the middle of a manufacturing process it can at the least cost you lost hours of work, and at the worst may cost thousands if the product you are creating is not able to be finished and you have to start all over with a fresh set of materials.

The answer is to have a standby generator or two and if you want to buy new generators in the UK you need to talk to Blades Power Generation. As specialists in the sale and supply of generators, we have a full range of generators that will do everything from keeping Corrie running to keeping a full factory running – many with ATS (Automatic Transfer switch) so that you will be back to full power within seconds of the utility going down. Talk to us if you want to buy new generators in the UK.

Some Of The Many Uses of Generators In The UK

Generators have many uses, not the least of which is being able to produce electrical power in the case of a power outage. While we all tend to think that if we want light, we only have to press a switch, there can be times when we operate a switch and for one reason or another the light doesn’t come on.

For instance, on January 1st 1974 the three day week came into being. Electricity was largely produced from burning coal in those days, and the miners’ strike meant that electricity had to be rationed in order to conserve coal stocks. Businesses were only allowed to open for three days a week to reduce energy consumption. Those that needed to continue to use electricity – whether open or not - had to rely on generators in order to operate.

Many manufacturing companies, and others, rely on electrical power and cannot afford to risk power outages which could cost them a lot in lost orders, and so they will have a generator or two that kicks in if the power goes down.

As one might imagine, building sites are often in a situation where they have no power available, and therefore have to rely on generators in order to power table saws, drills, grinders, and other power tools that are necessary in order to carry out the work. Generators are often used in farming where it is necessary to run irrigation systems in fields far from an electric power cable, along with other things such as barn heaters to keep cattle from freezing, and chicken barn heaters to keep the production of eggs flowing.

Other situations where generators are used routinely are fairgrounds in the summer, which may run in a field or park for just a weekend, but nonetheless require electrical power for music, lights, ice cream stalls, rides, bouncy castles, and more.

If you are looking for generators, at Blades Power Generation we supply them new, but you can also buy used generators in the UK through us as well. We always have used generators in stock which we buy in and refurbish, and which have the obvious benefit of being less expensive than brand new. Indeed, if you want a generator simply for backup for your home or business, you would do well to buy used generators in the UK as opposed to investing in a new one.